Learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies
from entrepreneur and technology expert Maksim Izmaylov

Blockchain is all the rage. Everyone talks about it, but very few people understand what it really is. Even fewer can appreciate all the implications of this technology for the society. In this workshop, you will learn all the necessary concepts to understand this technology, and skills that you will be able to apply in your personal and professional lives.

I am a technology enthusiast, founder, executive. I've founded a few technology companies, and a conference, and I am convinced that educating yourself about technology is the best investment of your life because we live in a world that is driven by technology, to an ever increasing extent. Speaking and organizing conferences and workshops is my way of giving back to the community.

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History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created in 2008-2009, but the ideas it's based upon aren't new. Let's look into technological and historical contexts of the creation of the Internet of Value.

What is Blockchain?

The idea of chaining data blocks is just one of many concepts behind Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here we will talk about cryptography, game theory, and some key algorithms that make Bitcoin and other blockchains tick.


After the break, you will create your first Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, and learn how to use them. We'll also talk about software and hardware wallets, and how to store your crypto safely and securely.

Blockchain and Business

Blockchain and smart contracts will change how we do business. What to expect? How can you use blockchain to gain competitive advantage?

Who Am I?

I am a serial entrepreneur and technology entusiast. I spoke about blockchain at more than 20 conferences around the world, including TEDx, ITB and Internet World Expo. My goal is to educate and empower people.

What to Expect

If you have a smartphone, you are ready for blockchain. Bring your common sense, a notebook, and your laptop (optional). You don't have to know how to program or be a technically-inclined person.

Workshop Cost

This course is free of charge. If by the end of the course you feel like you've learned something new, please consider a donation to your charity of choice (scroll down for my top pick).

Free Hugs

Free hugs will be distributed to people that have lost their fortunes due to the latest crypto meltdown. There is a limit of one hug per attendee.

Help the Orangutans

Orangutans are among the most intelligent primates, but the humans are the greatest threat to these beautiful apes. The three orangutan species are critically endangered, they need our protection.